About the Program

Since the program’s inception, the Takeda Help at Hand Patient Assistance Program has provided free medication to more than 100,000 patients who were facing financial hardship. Learn more about the Help at Hand program.

Disclaimer: This information is only for products listed here. Takeda has other patient support programs. For additional information, please visit our resources page.

No Cost

All products distributed through the Takeda Help at Hand Program are free to all eligible patients. Help at Hand is not associated with organizations that may charge patients a fee to assist them in completing applications. These third parties are acting independently and do not have Takeda's consent.

How to Get Started


Follow the eligibility requirements to see if you may qualify for the Help at Hand Program.

Check Eligibility


If you are eligible, download the application or call 1-800-830-9159 to have an application mailed/faxed to you.

Download Application


Contact your health care provider to begin your application and follow the checklist to ensure it’s complete before submitting.

View Checklist

If you have additional questions about the program please review our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us.